Kady’s sound-baths transport you into another state on consciousness. From her beautiful array of sounds, her heart-warming singing, and use of crystal singing bowls, your spirit is surged with a loving, positive energy that can’t be described. All worries, concerns, fears, or anything negatively stimulating your brain are halted. Instead, you find yourself flooded with unconditional love for everyone and everything around you.
— Tyler B.

*Upcoming public events are listed on the "Events" page 

Kady offers "Sound Baths" in and outside of Portland, in which subjects are bathed with a variety of sounds and instrumentation. A typical soundscape is comprised of the glimmering sounds of chimes, enchanting bells, etheric vocalizations, and the brimming, penetrating tones of seven Crystal singing bowls.  A reverence for simplicity, harmony, dissonance, texture, improvisation, and silence are evident. 

She loves collaborating with local healers of all kinds to produce beautifully unique experiences, and have collaborated with dancers, yoga teachers, meditators, and acupuncturists to create deeply restful, resonant, and connecting happenings in a variety of communities and spaces--performing at retreats, workshops, special events, and for sacred meetings as well.